The Year Of The Metal Rat & Your Success

2020 focus wealth zodiac Jan 24, 2020

Did you hear the story of the 12 mighty animals that raced to the Jade Emperors party? 

The first to arrive was the rat, wise enough to ask the Ox for a lift, before jumping off to slide into first place in the order of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Why is this important?

Well if you come to see the universe and all life as an ordered phenomenon, as a design, then appreciating the insight of this story and its inferred meaning may be of value.

The same goes for the element associated with the year 2020, which is Metal. A powerful, willful, strong and albeit controlling energy. 

So my question to you is will you bring your will into your life this year?

I personally am going all-in on my professional, romantic, health and spiritual life this year in a RAT like capacity. If the rat would be anyone, he would be a politician....

So this year, in order to advance your own goals it's time to engage the wise, intelligent,...

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End of December 2019 is a Major Turning Point. Make a Radical Decision.

No pressure but these next three WEEKS will be unlike any of us have ever seen. Ever.

And it all starts this weekend!

My question to you is do you feel like you're totally in flow with your destiny?

If so, awesome! I'd love to know who you are as you've made it through the gnarliest pressure cooker. 

Wait... What gateway? Who's cooking?

The crucible of a decade comes at this change over point this weekend. The Earth and the Sun will align with the Galatic Center on 21:12 (12:21).

See photo:

 (For more info on this cosmic context check out my previous blog.)

Combined with the solstice on the 22, the first eclipse on Dec 26 while Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, and Pluto are ALL in Capricorn. Followed by Mercury on Dec 29!

What does all this mean?

A serious EXPLOSION of energy.

Imagine hauling ass in a sports car around an entire track all year, all decade, and for some of us ALL OF OUR LIVES, and we are now coming around the LAST BEND.

This is it,...

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Tis' The Season


'Tis the Season


The 2020s and beyond set the foundations for a new era in the human experience. Our place in the universe is moving through the last gasps of a deep, dark winter that is coming into the new light of Spring. 


For this to come to pass the old must crumble. Remember, that no matter how intense the negative life may appear there is equally just as much positive energy radiating into reality. Balance is the natural order of the universe as all forces are equally measured in their opposing nature.


Our solar system and our sun are a part of a much bigger galactic plane, with a Grand Central Sun, which has its stellar seasons, cycles and equinox period. 


Like the flowers on a branch of a tree, it is just one branch of an entire system. As much as we are caught up living as flowers and pollen living on that branch we are influenced by the entire tree, and vice versa. 


Cosmic Context


Our earth orbits around our sun every...

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