The Year Of The Metal Rat & Your Success

2020 focus wealth zodiac Jan 24, 2020

Did you hear the story of the 12 mighty animals that raced to the Jade Emperors party? 

The first to arrive was the rat, wise enough to ask the Ox for a lift, before jumping off to slide into first place in the order of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Why is this important?

Well if you come to see the universe and all life as an ordered phenomenon, as a design, then appreciating the insight of this story and its inferred meaning may be of value.

The same goes for the element associated with the year 2020, which is Metal. A powerful, willful, strong and albeit controlling energy. 

So my question to you is will you bring your will into your life this year?

I personally am going all-in on my professional, romantic, health and spiritual life this year in a RAT like capacity. If the rat would be anyone, he would be a politician....

So this year, in order to advance your own goals it's time to engage the wise, intelligent,...

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