Spiritual Hygiene - Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Uncategorized May 01, 2020

Let's be honest, humanities deep emotional trauma is at an all-time high. It’s as if we are moving through a thick sludge, in a swamp of confusion and uncertainty.

With so much suffering, it can be hard to know what one person can do in the sea of such heaviness. 

Many years ago I fell into a very depressive pit of sadness, grief and rage when feeling into the horrors of the world. Both big and small, if there can be such a thing.

What got me out of it was pulling myself back into a state of balance and wholeness. I regained this clarity to see that my suffering was not supporting the suffering of others.

The best that I could do is learn how to manage my energy better and learn how to improve the energy in the world around me.

I had to upgrade my energy toolkit and improve my spiritual hygiene. 

This approach enabled me to develop a keen sense of the greater energy 'spill-over' that humans constantly emit. This 'spillover' is...

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The Day I Became A Man

Yesterday started out with a rough nights sleep but turned out to be a day with a profound spiritual realisation. If I died yesterday I would have been a happy man.

These are the moments of rapture and awe that I live for. 

Until yesterday, I had not been sleeping well for about a week, nightmares and restlessness.

It is as if my subconscious dream state was boiling with fear, much like the collective consciousness of humanity right now.

In my dreams, I have been confronted with some of my deepest fears, death of family, personal sexual violence, containment, bondage and suffering. These childhood fears were coming to the surface to be healed. 

Some nights I was so deep in the experience I was crying in my sleep, a first. A cathartic experience, yet for me, it was just a dream. A harsh reality for so many else on the planet right now.

The self-enquiry that began over the following days centred on, what is it really I fear? 

The answer. Loss....

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A story on moving from my head to my heart.
This week I made a radical life choice.

I chose to live with the courage and confidence that everything will work out if I follow my heart.

To commit to my joy and wellbeing, as the way.
If I heed every call that beckons to my heart and feels right. Regardless of the unknowns, the how's, the money, the what-ifs, the outcomes, I know it will be worth it..
I know it's me creating my destiny.
The truth is, I have felt this calling for so long yet feared its 'outcome' and practical nature.
So I hustled, chased and strived and nothing worked. Each thing was a...
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The Year Of The Metal Rat & Your Success

2020 focus wealth zodiac Jan 24, 2020

Did you hear the story of the 12 mighty animals that raced to the Jade Emperors party? 

The first to arrive was the rat, wise enough to ask the Ox for a lift, before jumping off to slide into first place in the order of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Why is this important?

Well if you come to see the universe and all life as an ordered phenomenon, as a design, then appreciating the insight of this story and its inferred meaning may be of value.

The same goes for the element associated with the year 2020, which is Metal. A powerful, willful, strong and albeit controlling energy. 

So my question to you is will you bring your will into your life this year?

I personally am going all-in on my professional, romantic, health and spiritual life this year in a RAT like capacity. If the rat would be anyone, he would be a politician....

So this year, in order to advance your own goals it's time to engage the wise, intelligent,...

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Metaphorical Metamorphosis

What would you do if you knew the tide was rising and would consume everything?

What does the tide represent? 

Would you wait until it reached your neck before you started to act?

What type of action would you take?

Would you blame the tide, or the forces that are involved with its experience?

No matter what you do the tide is coming in and it will consume everything, it always has. 

Long before you were here a tide has been coming in. 

What type of life would you cultivate in the face of this imminent reality?


Facing this challenge head-on requires everything from you. Everything.

Life will never be the same should you choose to rise above it. 

You will be cracked away from the old reality, and emerge into a new life. 

A life that sees beauty, hope, promise and paradise in the face of the void. That tends each action with an unshakeable strength to survive and endure, with a love that remains.

Not everyone will endure the change required. 


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Darkness Into Light - The Way Of The 21st Century Man

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2020

It takes isolation, stillness and observation to see what remains and in need of healing.

I didn't think when I moved to an island that I would be confronted with so much of my subconscious and shadow needing integration.

What does that mean?

It means that the unmet parts of myself that I have been projecting onto the world are coming to the surface and I'm having to deal with it.

It's a confronting blessing, and there is no escaping it. It wakes me from my dreams and stirs me in my meditations.

It's been uncomfortable and I catch myself when I want to avoid it by eating, having another coffee or seeking sugar. All of which takes me away from having to sit into it. 

As a facilitator, like any healer, the clarity of my energy is fundamental to the wellbeing of those I am supporting.

A shadow coach I had, used the analogy of washing someone's house with shitty water, an apt image. Unless our internal waters are clean we are only making a mess of things.

This requires moving...

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End of December 2019 is a Major Turning Point. Make a Radical Decision.

No pressure but these next three WEEKS will be unlike any of us have ever seen. Ever.

And it all starts this weekend!

My question to you is do you feel like you're totally in flow with your destiny?

If so, awesome! I'd love to know who you are as you've made it through the gnarliest pressure cooker. 

Wait... What gateway? Who's cooking?

The crucible of a decade comes at this change over point this weekend. The Earth and the Sun will align with the Galatic Center on 21:12 (12:21).

See photo:

 (For more info on this cosmic context check out my previous blog.)

Combined with the solstice on the 22, the first eclipse on Dec 26 while Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, and Pluto are ALL in Capricorn. Followed by Mercury on Dec 29!

What does all this mean?

A serious EXPLOSION of energy.

Imagine hauling ass in a sports car around an entire track all year, all decade, and for some of us ALL OF OUR LIVES, and we are now coming around the LAST BEND.

This is it,...

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Uncategorized Dec 14, 2019

Do you know your deepest fear?

We all have them, I use to not think about mine too much or ignore them. 

To be honest, they use to run rampant in my mind as a child, even up into my teenage years, I would fear that my fears would grip me in the heart of day walking down the street.

Until I realised that our greatest fear is the gateway to liberation.

It is a fear because it has been placed in your consciousness for a reason, to be overcome. It is an unresolved karmic experience swimming in your conscious field, stored in your body.

Like a stone in your shoe, if you walk around with it for long enough it can get more and more painful.

So then, you're fear must be opened up and removed if you are to be free.


Beyond the physical fears of what could happen to our body or that of those we love, fear is the opposite of love, trust and unity. It is the illusion of separation.

What is created can never be destroyed...

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Last Full Moon Of A Decade - Lighting Up The Darkness

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2019

Well well well, congratulations on making it through the countless moon cycles over this decade.

There's been too many to recall but if you're like me, you remember a special few full moons over the years.

My friend Dre asked me what I had to share about this moon as it peaks on 12/12/19 and I'd like to say the following.

Every full moon involves reaping the energy that was sowed at the beginning of the new moon phase. As well as coming to see the events and experiences that occurred throughout the month with more objectivity.

This moon is sure to bring an unexpected perspective as we are being called to look at our lives and what is happening collectively through a different lens. While some astrologists say this moon is great for the reorganisation of your physical and emotional landscape ahead of 2020 it is also important to take this light and look within.

The moon reflects the sun and in doing so shines a light into the night. Ask yourself as you...

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Tis' The Season


'Tis the Season


The 2020s and beyond set the foundations for a new era in the human experience. Our place in the universe is moving through the last gasps of a deep, dark winter that is coming into the new light of Spring. 


For this to come to pass the old must crumble. Remember, that no matter how intense the negative life may appear there is equally just as much positive energy radiating into reality. Balance is the natural order of the universe as all forces are equally measured in their opposing nature.


Our solar system and our sun are a part of a much bigger galactic plane, with a Grand Central Sun, which has its stellar seasons, cycles and equinox period. 


Like the flowers on a branch of a tree, it is just one branch of an entire system. As much as we are caught up living as flowers and pollen living on that branch we are influenced by the entire tree, and vice versa. 


Cosmic Context


Our earth orbits around our sun every...

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