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Elevate Your Mind, Body and Spirit.

'Enlightenment' is realising your potential, while you can.

Welcome to The Centre of Human Enhancement (COHE), a community focused on realising your wellbeing.

We recalibrate leaders, regardless of the levels of outward success, into a real force their ancestors are proud of. Being at the table means knowing who you represent. 

With members in government, private enterprise, technology, education and investment.


Available in online courses, coaching and workshops - beginner to advanced. 

 Evolution and Self-Craft.



Once you begin, the process of enlightenment can only be realised.

"Cutting edge perspectives that reclaim personal power and freedom."

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Why? Impact

Overcoming confusion, stress, anxiety, illness by finding a personalised path to self care is our mission.

"DIY enlightenment for the world today."

COHE is founded by Australian entrepreneur and spiritual coach Alistair Hart as an initiative to map and communicate the all encompassing paths to unity and wellbeing - mind, body and spirit.

COHE teaches a creative path to inner transformation, that empowers the individual to their own self realisation and self actualisation.


A comprehensive and diverse education that positively reengineer an individual's world view. Upgrading wellbeing perceptions and practices to adapt to a rapidly transforming planet. So as they become the primary creative force in their own reality - Alistair Hart

Finding the right information at the right time can save lives. Yet, with so many questions and so much information online finding the right mix of solutions that work for you, can take time.

COHE provide expert yet easy-to-use teachings, that save time and provide a variety of trusted solutions.

The story behind this cutting edge, broad spectrum wisdom is available for a free download. Listen today. 

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Personalised Life Enhancement

Our grounded high performance approach to self-realisation open new possibilities. It's as simple as getting back to nature.

Practical 'spirituality' that unlocks energy within the body.

Energy to manifest, anything!

By following a process and systemised approach you like many of the great teachers and masters can upgrade your sensory perceptions and human faculties. 

This is a process of self actualisation and 'wellbeing wonderment' that provide ageless keys to unlock and clear life's mental, physical and spiritual obstacles.

COHE teach simple techniques on how to revitalise oneself by harnessing internal and external energies. A path that develops strength, intelligence, connection and a greater awareness.

The COHE is one of the few organisations that are building the bridge to the 'woo woo' and creating the 'ah ha' experiences from a phone.


We have been waiting for you...

You hold the key to creating something the world has never seen or felt before. The family, health, business and life of your dreams is already a part of you. Now is your time.


Earth is a school of experience. We are here to learn and with that in mind we are always in the perfect place to transform to the next level.

COHE resources are designed to level up your mind, body and spirit. All of our tools will impact your life. However, the greater the investment and commitment on your behalf, the greater the transformation. 

"Whatever you have got to work with in life right now is perfect. Game on!" - Alistair Hart

There is a vast array of complimentary life changing resources on our blog and our social channels. Created for those who are committed, yet still coming into financial alignment.

Applying these tools and techniques earnestly will upgrade your energy systems, and life.

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Relate, Access & Aspire

Our down to earth spiritual approach teach how to be an high vibrational being incarnated on earth at this time.  

"These systems are changing my perception of who I really am, even in the same surroundings. I never liked being in the sun, nature, the grasses and insects - I avoided it. Then suddenly during my practice I felt so connected to the air, the sun, the earth and trees - to the infinite. I sat for hours without my phone and I felt so many emotions."

Project Manager

"During the sessions, I was able to challenge my many restricted thoughts, views and emotions. As a result of the process, I was able to delve deeper into the person I am inside and what truly makes me happy! These proved to be extremely valuable insights for my personal development, I am profoundly grateful."

Government Advisor

"Life education and teachings I wish my parents, school and church had taught me all those years ago."

Aaron Battle
Cryptocurrency Trader

"I’m always impressed with how succinctly you’re able to interpret and decipher the plethora of inner workings. I’m repeatedly reminded that this innate process to self-realisation and self-actualisation is one to mindfully observe and explore in order to grow and expand."

Andre 'Dre' Muller
Award Winning Filmmaker

"My quest was not without suffering, I knew the only way out was in and so I committed to seeking out and penetrating the truth at various levels. It's been a journey into the darkness that brought back full spectrum light. One I know the world needs right now. That's my mission. "

Alistair Hart
COHE Founder

"Being able to find and build that relationship to that authentic, unashamed truth of who I am, bones and all, is the greatest gift I have ever received."

Yoga Teacher

"This diverse yet related education have cultivated a greater self awareness within me. They have enriched my life immensely and excelled me further on the path of self development."

Medical Sales Representative


Human enhancement follows nature, our greatest teacher. To enhance is to expand and deepen ourselves in all areas. From our roots to our fruits.


Learn the signals and sensations in your body. It is the language of your spirit.


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Are you living a VITALITY REALITY?

Your human body, mind and spirit is a living system. Whatever you do in life, increases or decreases your energy. At COHE we live by the Oath of Vitality.

Heaven on Earth

The human is a microcosm of the infinite. Meaning that 'you are not a drop in an ocean but an ocean in a drop'. Vitally connected to everything.

Unlocking this star power within is not only possible, it's accelerating. Join our international community of evolutionaries and see for yourself. 

This relationship to the interconnectedness of all things, has been mapped out by the ancients. Left to time and the domestication of the human potential most of this knowledge was forgotten, hidden or turned to myth.

Few kept the ancient ways alive throughout the generations to bring it to us here today. As reflections of this eternal truth we give thanks to those ancestors who carried this illumination with love. 

It is a light that carries each of us home.

Welcome to a sacred relationship between you, the individual and the infinite cosmos. The microcosm and the macrocosm. The center of all things - the YOUniverse. 

Within you is source of immense power. Humans are now living at a time when modern science and technology leverage a fraction of this knowledge to enhance human potential.

The Alchemical Approach

Philosophy / Medicine / Science / Therapy / Metaphysics / Astrology / Yoga / Nature / Nurture

As metaphysicians, intuitives, energy workers, physicians, counsellors, astrologers, scientists, yogis and innovators we know the path of unity consciousness is an eternally learning relationship.

One in which we all make the ascent to the mountain top within. Only to bring back our unique contribution of the Infinite Intelligence to earth at this time.

COHE is founded on the known, the unknown and the yet to be known. Through self experimentation and the application of an inner knowing 'gnosis' the truth can be discovered.

This truth is syncretic.



The amalgamation of different religions, cultures, information or schools of thought that distill into the similar, common and universal components into one system.


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Wellbeing As a Way of Being

Unlocking your potential and shining bright requires work to be done on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.

Do you have an old injury or an old story?

Let's revitalise that part of you, together.

COHE programs specialise in integrated solutions that target physical injuries as well as mental, emotional and spiritual injuries (anxiety, depression, psychic trauma). 

Rehabilitation and detoxification is such an important part of the wellbeing process and our strategies are designed to work with your medical professional's advice

The foundation of our work centres on a disease prevention lifestyle, seasonal detoxification and a deep commitment to the inner world of the individual. Processes and systems that reengineer and re-architect lives.

Our mindfulness systems support in rewiring the brain while our heart based systems focus on living in alignment with our highest potential, full of purpose and meaning.

Meet Our Team

Research and Resources

Much has been lost throughout the ages, but much has been gained. One book can cultivate a civilisation. Imagine what 10,000 books could do.

The foundations of our experiential work is based on thousands of ancient texts and scriptures created throughout the millennia's. This vast spiritual, biophysical and metaphysical wealth of wisdom is now becoming normalised because of it's measurable benefits. With certified health care professionals now utilising such result orientated methods across the world. Science and technology is now proving the efficacy of this inner alchemy.

This approach to wellbeing is safe, affordable and something you can share with your family, once you experience it for yourself.


COHE Methods

Know Thy Self

Knowing history, collective, personal and ancestral unlocks what was once a 'mystery' and places you at the crest of life's wave.

Am I Ready?

The foundation of our work has been refined so as to apply to a contemporary digital context. It is designed to meet you where you are in life, right now. 

This is the journey of a life time and only you know the answer. COHO can support your enhancement and personal development but the choice, and the outcomes are yours and yours alone.

I am and I take full responsibility

"Next Level Superhuman Education"

"Wisdom from the highest mountain that makes sense to me and my current situation." - Ivy


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