Our Team

Alistair Hart

Alistair's personal experience with total transformation came from a deep commitment to self healing, through various modalities. Alistair has spent his life connected to the love of humanity through the study of our collective history - in it's glory and its shadows. After graduating in 2012 with a Masters of International Relations and International Communications Alistair experienced a 'SHIFT' that brought his vision inwards. As he explains "the sun rises across us everyday and so we as individuals are given the opportunity to rise with it. The nature of the universe is expansion and illumination. If the individual can rise through their own shadow then the whole, in time, will resolve it's distortion." Alistair also suffered from a series of significant health problems in his early twenties putting him on a search for the cures. Like many in our team Alistair integrated his passion for self healing, self discover and metaphysics with entrepreneurism and has built an extensive network of leaders in health, spirituality and wellbeing. Alistair is a certified Hatha, Tantra and Vedanta yoga and meditation teacher, a keen surfer and life coach. Alistair has postponed a Anthropological Masters of Research/PHD to 2021 with a focus on the nature of self healing and alchemy as part of The COHE. Currently he is working as a surf and yoga teacher in the Maldives.

COHE Specialists

Sinclair Fischer-Gray

Sinclair is an iridologist and detoxification specialist, graduating from the Heal-Thy-Self Academy. Sinclair is well known for this 40 day fasts, seen in his feature documentary - 'Fasting- The Healer Within'. He is a student of Dr. Robert Morse, Tyler Tolman and Dr. Alan Goldhamer.

Dr. Alice Nguyen

Dr. Alice is a chiropractor and plant based body building champion. Alice strongly believes in the unlimited potential of the human frame applied through consistent whole-foods nutrition, MMA (movement, mobility, activation), and most importantly, emotional processing and mindset strategies.


Nick Farrar

Nick Farrar is a horticulturalist  with a decade of experience in landscape design, sustainable gardening and food production. Nick is leading the community garden initiatives at schools, preschools and hospitals utilising traditional plants so that people can cultivate a living healthy culture. 

Rosemarie Nugent

Rosemarie Nugent, Counselling Psychologist that has been counselling individuals, couples and families for eighteen years. As well as conducting a private practice during this period, Rosemarie has worked within a number of community settings in welfare, drug support and child protection.  

Uncle Graham Mooney

In loving memory. Uncle Graham's council and support was fundamental in the initiation of this organisation.

Cal Garrison

Cal Garrison has over 50 years of experience in Astrology. At the heart of astrology is the metaphysical principle that mathematical relationships express qualities or tones of energy which manifest in numbers, visual angles, shapes and sounds – all connected within a pattern of proportion.  The stars cycle with the earth, we are no different with our lives reflect the positions of the planets.

Michal Palus

Michal is a health and exercise professional with fifteen years of experience. Focusing on helping men build healthy strong and athletic body on plants. He believes that a simple, sustainable strategy combining functional exercise and a tailored nutrition program is what most of us need to feel and operate at our best.

Georgia Grace

Georgia is a qualified somatic sex educator and intimacy coach. Informed by embodied therapy, mindfulness and neuroscience, Georgia's mission is to help people meet or reclaim their sensual identity by becoming more aware of their bodies, sex and sexuality. 

Sevan Bomar

Sevan Bomar is a Metaphysician and Specialist in spiritual advancement, self-development, and finance. He is a serial entrepreneur creating social platforms & metaphysical consumer electronics that accelerate consciousness including Secret Energy and PhiAqua®

Dr. Kaushik Ram

Dr. Ram is a qualified and experienced Neuroscientist. Dr. Ram is on a mission to help individuals who are suffering from performance addiction, overwhelm, stress, anxiety and depression. Much of his work focuses on essential research into Neurodegenerative conditions and improving the nervous system.

Giedrius Litevka

Giedrius is a Lithuanian born whole body and mind regeneration specialist. With 20 years experience in landrace and wild herbs Giedrius' approach to health and beauty is based on wild, natural herbs and plants.
His recent work has focused on combining A.I. with wild nature, specifically, Cannabis Genetics for Human Body Health and DNA Perfection.

Thosh & Chelsey

Thosh and Cheslsey promote holistically well lifestyles through their grassroots initiative Well For Culture. Their focus is on mind-body-spirit optimisation through the seven circles of wellness. The lifestyle teachings of their native american ancestors also incorporate new information to contribute to this ancient and ongoing chain of knowledge.



"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it." ‚Äď Margaret Fuller


This is a path of personal experience. As a community of individuals we all have had our own life experiences that helped shaped who we are today, what we teach and how we continue to learn.

One thing we all have in common is that we have an objective optimism that you can enhance your wellbeing, in a way that is right for you, for life. Moving you forward.


Way Bearers

The COHE is a lighthouse for people on their path to realigning themselves and enhancing their lives.

The COHE acknowledge this path of wellbeing to the many first nation traditions that are still living today that have opened their doors to us and the people of the earth at this time.

The Elders

As well as the many masters, great teachers and pioneers who have gone before us, into the darkness to bring back the light. 





Walk with us to reach the top

Knowing the path and walking the path are not the same. Walk with those who are already on the path.

2020 Bridge

Our aim is to build a bridge for your inner knowing and balance by sourcing the deep knowledge and practical tools from those in direct relationship with a particular experience. No stone unturned. 

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