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Your Yoga.  Unify Yourself.  Beginners Asana 

'Yoga' means union.

Yoga is a way of living.

Be at peace knowing you don't need to be flexible to be good at the yoga poses (asana). If you are seeking a deeper connection to yourself and wish to feel revitalised then you are in the right place.

Yoga, taught by Alistair Hart is a traditional restorative approach to wellbeing accessible for all levels. Mind, Body and Spirit. 


Alistair Hart, is an Australian surfer and yogi who loves sharing his joy for life. If he is not in the surf, or enjoying being in his body practising strengthening and mindfulness exercises you can bet he is close to nature.

Alistair is a qualified Hatha, Tantra and Vedanta Yoga, Meditation and Life Coach. A student of Mark Breadner, following the Himalayan Masters and ISHTA Tradition Alistair is certified by Yoga Alliance. Alistair also works in Children's Services, certified by Rainbow Kids Yoga. He is also a qualified surf Instructor.

A strong pillar in the community Alistair is a comfortable presence to be around, deeply empathic and strong in character he is a force of great positivity in the world. Helping people live a higher possibility life is something he naturally accomplishes.   

Having matured through his own physical and mental challenges he is committed to wellbeing as a way of life. Alistair's transitioned to the wellbeing ecosystem after a diverse fast paced background in diplomacy, technology development, private equity, sales and marketing. A people person at heart he supports leaders to become better leaders.


Group Classes

There is something unique and powerful about a group of people gathering with presence and intention. Journeying together with the breathe, in movement or stillness is a deeply personal thing. By creating and holding the container of collective energies massive transformations and breakthroughs can be experienced. Something we take off the mat back into life.  

One-On-One Coaching

Living in alignment with your most authentic self takes courage. It requires a body that supports a high energy system and a razor-sharp focus to help set aside things that don't support your path. Our mission to assist those willing to make an impact in their world. What may start with more flexibility may lead to a life of more mindfulness, clarity and confidence. 

Kids Yoga / Mindful Mentor

As a certified Rainbow Yoga teacher, with WWCC, insurance and a big heart full of energy our classes are the perfect mix of movement, mindfulness and education. Fostering healthier, happier well balanced humans for the coming generations is our responsibility.

Contact Alistair to explore opportunities.

Wellbeing & Mindfulness 

Retreats / Enterprises / Co-Working Spaces

"Alistair's yoga and meditation class was exactly what our team need after such a massive month."

Lizzie Bampton
Channel 10 Network

"Alistair's morning Yoga class was the perfect way to warm up for our surfing."


"There's only a few people that can engage a room of software developers and sales folks to stop working and 'drop into their bodies'. Al is one of them and an excellent ROI."

Steve Fanale
CEO Drive Yello (Start-up @ Telstra's Muru-D Accelerator)

"“The daily meditation and mindfulness sessions we had with Alistair for Mum and daughter in The Maldives were like an MOT for the mind, body and soul. He captivated our minds and helped rewire thoughts by lessons on nature and ourselves."

Women In Tech Leader

"The effect of the sessions was connecting with my daughter in a deeper and more meaningful way as a Mum and is lasting even at home. For myself I feel more at peace to speak my truth and being who I am at home and at work. This powerful ability is something special about Alistair. "

Resort Guest

"I liked everything, it made me feel happy and wanted to do it again. I enjoyed making up the story of the Yeti and acting it out with alphabet yoga, singing and dancing. It was great because I believe in magic and fairies like Alistair.”"

Future Inventor


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