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This is the path of self-craft and inner-alchemy. A path that each of us as individuals are called to right now. It begins and ends within you.









Adapting - The Hero's Journey

Do you believe in destiny?

2020-2021 is a portal of change, it is a time of initiation. This was well known before 2020.

The alignment of Saturn, considered the father of time, law and order is in its home sign of Capricorn. Pluto joins Saturn, with Pluto seen as the evolutionary, generational planet that upends what once was drilling into the substructures for the next age. Redesigning reality entirely.

These two combined together mean 'world transformation'.

How will you use this time? 

Will you choose to enhance your life or deal with what you are given?

The choice is yours. The portal is open.

Destiny awaits.

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Be unashamedly yourself

When the inner version of yourself is healthy and expressed in the world what you deeply desire will find its way to you.

Craft indestructible Self Worth

Self worth comes from self love, self acceptance and ultimately self respect. Once you respect yourself you will see your worth by just being you.

Live aligned to purpose & meaning

Knowing your purpose is a quest we all face yet it's as simple as listening to your heart. Living from this space will give everything you do meaning.

Adapt to 2020

To adapt means to accept. To accept means to let go. To let go means to first grieve. Moving through the 5 stages of grief (denial, rage, bargaining, depression and acceptance) is required to adapt.

Enhance your vitality, joy and bliss

All life is energy and everything you consume (through your senses) increases or decreases your energy. Learn to propel yourself forward and expand into new possibilities.

Empathetically empower yourself

Learning how to feel emotions and how they move through the body is a skill. By honing in on this in the day to day experiences you can control how you feel in any situation.


Head Coach

"No one can see the future, yet sometimes we can get a glimpse of what it may hold. My response(ability) to that future meant having the courage to now lead myself through the darkness I saw in the world, ultimately within myself, back to the light. A process that cleaned my mind, body and spirit, rebuilding it, preparing it and unifying it so as I can contribute from a place of power and peace. In balance with the natural world and its sacred lores." - Alistair Hart

Alistair is a part of an elite metaphysical community focused on human enhancement and self-craft. He is a qualified Hatha, Tantra and Vedanta yoga teacher as well as a certified meditation and surfing instructor and children's yoga teacher. Alistair currently residing between Australia and the Maldives and has a growing list of high performance clients.

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"When I was a child no one told me about the invisible self and the nature of the unseen that lives just beyond human sight. I had to learn this for myself, through feeling and survival." - Alistair Hart

Energy Awareness

Learn about the chakra system and etheric fields, including exercise in how to sense and perceive them.

Physic Development

Opening to channel, breath exercises and circulating life force energy. Protecting your energy field and what’s flying around you.

Spiritual Hygiene

Overcome negativity and dodge energy vampires like a modern day Sansei. From the office to the family function.


Higher Possibilities

Separate self-worth issues verses the inner ego critic and the ego’s of others.

DIY Liberation

Healing from the past, releasing anxiety and mind techniques to get you through life’s challenges.

Clarity Over Confusion

Learning from your past (finding the gift from suffering and analysing your life as a spiritual journey).

Overcome Anxiety

Develop the energetic rigour to transform the social anxiety epidemic into peace and harmony.

How much do you value your life?

When it comes to maintaining your car, your house, or your health you invest without question. When it comes your consciousness you often hesitate. Stop starving your potential.


Eight years ago I committed to my inner evolution, my involution. I made a covenant with The Creator and My Higher Self that I would trust this inner knowing no matter what. It has never let me down. It hasn't been easy but it's freed me from the suffering of living.

Since then I have been supported by many others who have become free and after many dreams I see clearly that my mission is to support those who also choose to be free. 

Only those who are ready can see the path to freedom.

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Human Enhancement Created By You, For You.

It's time to shift from believing to knowing. You know you're here for a reason. The time has come to ACTIVATE yourself. Unlock your Mind, Body and Spirit, with love.

In Greatness and Responsibility


If you commit to this process earnestly you will see your life change. It may be uncomfortable but real transformation requires growth.


The limits are lifted because your class will play in any modern browser with wifi access. The tools and techniques learned are designed to be used in daily life. 


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