Human Enhancement can be fun, but we are serious about wellbeing.

Dead serious. Some of the topics we cover at the COHE are unconventional, with a few of the publications still unbacked by peer reviewed journals and mainstream science yet the credible testimony of those interviewed stands.

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Seek and ye shall find.

Through suffering many have found the tools to rise and help others. Many of these tools are not always well understood and we do our best to test and qualify them.


COHE - Built by the community for the community.

It is our path as adepts and teachers to transform the complexity into simplicity and discern the unknown to the known. While we share various perspectives on the same topics we encourage you to take on only what resonates.

As a center of such important work we draw upon countless teachings, traditions and invite various adepts to share their direct experience for you.


The knowledge and view points shared by these individuals featured in our material is not always shared by The COHE. We will do our best to verify and validate the quality of the knowledge presented and only formally provide packages which have been completed successfully with strong positive results from our team.


Please review our disclaimer policy here.

The Truth 

The vast amount of techniques and cultural practices listed by the COHE are safe, given the appropriate set and setting. However, in rare occasions in other communities we have seen some people, often those mentally unstable or at risk of self harm take a course of action that defy a manageable amount of risk.

A person of sound mind and spirit will always be in tune with their respective threshold, assuming they are the primary or only consciousness aligned to the wellbeing and integrated expansion of that person. Yes, that was a reference to possession. Possession in terms of a vibrational existence of energies that take root within a person and seek to drive their consciousness. These may be vibrational energies, unconsciously driving a person, or in the rare cases they may be entities that have attached to a person.

Many 'seekers' today have opened themselves up to a variety of entities that access their life force, some have even made conscious agreements. Creating a relationship that causes people to do things they would usually not willingly do.

This is why many of the more advanced techniques of human enhancement were taught from teacher to student, directly. Where personalised mentorship could be established. Today, the internet enables greater communication. Our aim is to reach those people directly who are seeking this personalised expansion.

Addiction and Mental Illness

It takes courage and great discernment to walk this path of self healing, personal transformation and spiritual awakening. While we can try as best as possible to put the policies and procedures in place to keep you on the tried and tested path, things can happen. People can become reckless and go beyond their capacities to comprehend. Perhaps mixing medicines with drugs like heroine or amphetamines, and so not being of sound mind inadvertently harm themselves or others.

Know Thy Self  

Being able to integrate such fundamental shifts to the mind, body and spirit is best served gradually. Within community and in accordance with those experienced and trained in the work. Be discerning, trust your own inner guidance system, if something feels 'off' or not right then it probably is. Your higher self may be telling you that this is not the path to take for you right now.

Imagine sending a very high voltage burst into an energy system that is not able to handle that amount of power, at one time. It can overload and fry the entire system.


A Personal Path

Increasing the energy systems of humans is the work and play we do daily. Nothing of great value is ever achieved without significant commitment. Transforming your entire life is not an overnight phenomena, but instant upgrades do happen immediately. They can come in many forms. Even as I write this I heard a car crash in front of my house. 

Pay attention to how you are feeling and the direction you are travelling. This will determine your reality, there will be many distractions, opinions and perspectives but in the end this is your reality. Your choice.


COHE, and Alistair Hart, are not responsible for your actions. You are solely responsible for your own choices and decisions. The evaluation and use of our products and services should be based on your own due diligence. You agree when engaging in any of our services or purchasing any of our products that the COHE and Alistair Hart are not liable to you in any way for your results in using our products and services.   The COHE is not responsible for any decision you make in your own personal life. By purchasing any services, or products, you automatically accept these responsibilities on yourself.


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