The Day I Became A Man

Yesterday started out with a rough nights sleep but turned out to be a day with a profound spiritual realisation. If I died yesterday I would have been a happy man.

These are the moments of rapture and awe that I live for. 

Until yesterday, I had not been sleeping well for about a week, nightmares and restlessness.

It is as if my subconscious dream state was boiling with fear, much like the collective consciousness of humanity right now.

In my dreams, I have been confronted with some of my deepest fears, death of family, personal sexual violence, containment, bondage and suffering. These childhood fears were coming to the surface to be healed. 

Some nights I was so deep in the experience I was crying in my sleep, a first. A cathartic experience, yet for me, it was just a dream. A harsh reality for so many else on the planet right now.

The self-enquiry that began over the following days centred on, what is it really I fear? 

The answer. Loss....

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Tis' The Season


'Tis the Season


The 2020s and beyond set the foundations for a new era in the human experience. Our place in the universe is moving through the last gasps of a deep, dark winter that is coming into the new light of Spring. 


For this to come to pass the old must crumble. Remember, that no matter how intense the negative life may appear there is equally just as much positive energy radiating into reality. Balance is the natural order of the universe as all forces are equally measured in their opposing nature.


Our solar system and our sun are a part of a much bigger galactic plane, with a Grand Central Sun, which has its stellar seasons, cycles and equinox period. 


Like the flowers on a branch of a tree, it is just one branch of an entire system. As much as we are caught up living as flowers and pollen living on that branch we are influenced by the entire tree, and vice versa. 


Cosmic Context


Our earth orbits around our sun every...

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