World War Z and Gen Z

The war of the future will not be fought on overseas soil it will be fought in the minds of people. - unknown

The Unseen Fight

This invisible place is always there just as the invisible self is. 

To study history, ancient and modern will reveal so much about our human family and its fascination with human enhancement. While some others completely disregard the existence of the unseen, with many waiting for its granular discovery and proof. Unbeknown that it is reached from within.

Humanity has come to refer to this as the 'spiritual' dimension with people choosing to believe in it or not. Vast metaphysical frameworks have been created on how to relate to this quantum realm, with detailed accounts of those in a direct relationship. Yet, so many fear this work and the exploration of the eternal mysteries. It strikes fear into many.

Rightly so, because such a place is of unimaginable vastness, where countless beings dwell and all feed on energy. A hunger that is most satiated with the innocence and ignorance of man and womankind. 

Not a place for someone to come stumbling through in the dark invoking things they are not sure of, wearing symbols they are unfamiliar with. Even some of the greatest kings and humble servants fell victim to dabbling with things they did not wholeheartedly know. 

Yet, now mainstream media and enter-taint-ment has generations of people under the spell and unconsciously invoking vibratory entities. 'Heaven' and 'hell' are now on earth. The reality we live in constructed to contort and construe the purity of the human being and their vital life force. 

Placing the unbound potential of an individual into a prism (prison) of experience and industrial (military, pharmaceutical, energy) complexes. Bound into what can feel like a life of servitude. People move here and there, totally unaware that a great net has been cast over the human family. One that drains their lifeforce and squanders their uniqueness. Designed to make a battery hen out of them to charge up some strange agenda.

Did you know, that the wood the Druidic magicians of the Celtic Isles made their wands from was the Holly tree? This is the reason why Aleister Crowley, a known alchemist created 'Hollywood'. A from where a small few could place projections into the reality in a microcosmic fashion that set the stage for world manipulation. A world within a world. Where the archetypes and zodiacal templates were curated and retold through stories. Stories that deep down connected into our subconscious nature by virtue of our design. 

Few awake from such a slumber, and for those that do madness can feel like the norm. Soon followed by the six stages of grief, upon losing the innocence and waking from the dream.

Have no fear, there is a way out, and many are making for the exit.

The Only Way Out Is In

The is an endless supply of fuel and experiences in life, personally, our team suggests to focus on that which is within. Seek no deities, Gods, elements or artifacts, no stones or crystals, no 12th-hour savior - just you. As you are is enough to connect in with the Infinite and elevate your faculties into full-blown, joyful sovereignty. 

From here a purity of heart will strengthen you and keep you on the light beam of self-awareness. Badass warriors are the ones who defeat the beasts within.

This is the mission you chose, remember that.

 Are you a leader? Do you feel like there is more to life? Have you been depressed about how the world seems and where our collective future is going? Or perhaps you are just waking up to smell the rot or maybe you are shaking off some funky vibes?

Well, then you are in the right place!

It's time to get creating and using the tools you have to liberate yourself from mental slavery. Congratulations you have made it this far, join the rest of us and keep rising. 

Stay strong!


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