Light of The World

Light of The World

The seen and unseen come to manifest themselves within you. They come to be a part of your visible and invisible self. The way you transform these forces within you, and the way you feel about them is achieved through your heart. 

While the mind may be the starting point, it is the heart, in its deep resonance and swelling intentions that provides the key to self-illumination. 

Inside Out

It's so easy to forget this when the world can seem so distorted and out of balance, but once you realize your part to play in it you can transform it. 

I know because I have and I am not alone, this truth is now widespread, the fact that you are reading this is evidence that you are ready to play at a higher level. 

One where you embody your highest potential and live your truth. Doing so takes immense self-love.

Do you love yourself? Do you love ALL of yourself?



Through coming to know God and the Infinite through my own direct personal and...

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God - Hidden In Plain Sight

The Temple Within

Being in physical form as a conscious sentient being is the 'kingdom of heaven' the scriptures speak of. 

The 'temple' resides within the temple between your ears and as a human being, you are the centerpiece of all creation. Everything exists within you. (Woohoooo!)

When Jesus said "I am the light of the world" he meant "I am - the light of the world". Each being is the 'I am' - the epicenter of all life. 

Jesus being a self-realized ascended master showed humanity that by internalizing the forces of all life we can find our way home. Unifying seemingly 'separate' (us vs. them) experiences he drew awareness to the universal truth of wholeness and union. This universal consciousness lives within each person, deep down we all know this.

As much as so many have invested in the separation of humanity, we all know we are one. Just as all life is one. Everything is consciousness - frequency and vibration. Everything has intelligence that exists beyond the...

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World War Z and Gen Z

The war of the future will not be fought on overseas soil it will be fought in the minds of people. - unknown

The Unseen Fight

This invisible place is always there just as the invisible self is. 

To study history, ancient and modern will reveal so much about our human family and its fascination with human enhancement. While some others completely disregard the existence of the unseen, with many waiting for its granular discovery and proof. Unbeknown that it is reached from within.

Humanity has come to refer to this as the 'spiritual' dimension with people choosing to believe in it or not. Vast metaphysical frameworks have been created on how to relate to this quantum realm, with detailed accounts of those in a direct relationship. Yet, so many fear this work and the exploration of the eternal mysteries. It strikes fear into many.

Rightly so, because such a place is of unimaginable vastness, where countless beings dwell and all feed on energy. A hunger that is most satiated with...

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Paving Your Own Way

Everything outside of you is a pathway to the divine within. Seeking balance within can come from taking a seemingly minuscule experience and folding it into yourself to build a pathway back to the Source.

In every moment a human being has the tools to enhance their human experience, visible and invisible.

For example, the act of breathing, while a seemingly basic principle is how our vessel is charged with life force energy, known as 'chi' or 'prana'. Developing an awareness of the breath and harnessing its vitality by breathing into the different chambers of the body, abstaining from breath, alternating the nostrils or burst breathing through the mouth are tools that can enhance the human experience dramatically.

On a metaphysical level, the fact that we are also breathing the same air as all of our ancestors, having been become transformed through the cycles of nature is profound. The same can be said for the water that is in our bodies. Water that came from our mother's...

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