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The wisdom of the ancients is not lost, it is alive and well. Join our 13 weeks MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT one-on-one program. Wake up to the life of your dreams, the one in your heart.


Elite Human Enhancement Coaching - 13 Weeks


A 5 Step Formula to Self-Realisation:


  1. North Star Creation (deep down we know who we are and what we want).
  2. Getting Real (being objective and humble in the face of the path ahead).
  3. Building Energy (specialised and practical techniques that expand energy).
  4. Edging & Self Care (gently moving to our edges and managing their expansion).
  5. Protocol & Toolkit (DIY personalised arsenal of healing, health and wisdom). 

This Proven Human Enhancement Program allows you to:


  • Be unashamedly yourself 
  • Build indestructible self worth
  • Live aligned to your purpose and meaning 
  • Enhance your vitality, joy and bliss
  • Empathetically empower yourself
  • Physically activate and heightened your energy awareness
  • Reignite your life and get your ZING back
  • Tap into your neverending sensual fulfillment and contentment
  • Make sense of the world and the best path for you personally
  • Overcome people pleasing 
  • Develop a lifelong self-care toolkit.


Course Features (13 Classes):


Level 1 - Living A Life Of Awareness 


  • Learning about the chakra system and etheric fields, including exercise in how to sense and perceive them.


  • Opening to Channel, Breath Exercises and circulating Life Force Energy (note: different to sexual tantra or sexual shamanism). 


  • Protecting your energy field (including information on the energy and what’s flying around you!)


  • Overcoming negativity and dogging energy vampires.


Level 2 - Expansion Through Resistance


  • Separating self-worth issues verses the inner ego critic and the ego’s of others.


  • Healing from the past, releasing anxiety and mind techniques to get you through life’s challenges.


  • Learning from your past (finding the gift from suffering and analysing your life as a spiritual journey).


  • Personalised Health Assessment and Vibratory Analysis (Natal Chart Reading)



Level 3 – The Integrated Life


  • Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor (Getting outside the triangle).


  • Learning from your past (finding the gift from suffering and analysing your life as a spiritual journey).


  • Hoponopono, forgiveness and gratitude.


  • Living in the heart. Overflowing Joy. Sexual Kung-Fu.


  • Accessing your future self and creating a vision.

2020 Human Enhancement Program - $3000 USD (discount). Paid upfront.





  • 12 Months Vitality Coaching - Monthly Recalibration Session (13 over 12 months)




  • 6 Months Vitality Coaching - Bimonthly Recalibration Sessions (13 over 6 months)  




  • 3 Month Intensive - Fortnightly Recalibration Sessions (13 over 3 months) 



For 10 years I have committed to enhancing my mind, body and spirit and have supported people to have life changing breakthroughs in one session. A priceless experience. The focus will be to transform this into a digital course while offering the one-on-coaching at an increase rate. All focused on integrating the Mind, Body and Spirit.


Additional Bonuses: 



  • Meditation. Advance your meditation practice with additional breathing, banda and mudra techniques. 


  • Self Awareness. Learn the nature of your thought patterns, the reoccuring ones and the strategies to unhook them at their root. It all comes from asking the right questions.



  • Unlock Your Uniqueness and Big Vision. We all have gifts, skills that make us unique. My focus is to help you find that ‘thing’ that when someone Googles your name in 100 years it will say Your-Name (.....)’.




  • Psychic Activation. Human beings are by nature psychic, with extrasensory perceptions. Unlocking these, gradually, in a safe and sustainable way opens a portal to a new reality. Life becomes more mysterious, awe-inspiring and interesting. Once you open your senses you will be responsible for maintaining their health. Detox is key. 




  • Detoxification Program. (Advise and support. Heavy Metal and Parasite Cleanse, Colon Cleanse, Juice and Water Fasting, EMF detox, Rebuilding the Microbiome, Cold Water Therapy).


  • Movement Program. Personalised strength, conditioning and flexibility program focused on yoga, calisthenics and muscle development. Support existing injuries designed to overcome problematic issues and create the ideal functional body (weight) you desire.



  • Diet. We all have different ancestral diets, ayurvedic doshas and health needs. After trying a variety of eating modalities (Vegan, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Keto) and now non-identified I know if it feels good go with it. Create a flexible program, stick to it.



  • Water Protocol. I have not drunk unfiltered tap water for over 6 years and my life has never been the same. This is not a massive shift, but once you make it you will see the difference. I can suggest simple solutions for your water needs.




  • Astrological Natal Chart Assessment. The ‘Star Sign’ is just one aspect of your markers as a human being. ‘Evolutionary Astrology’ as it is known shows the journey of your spirit throughout lifetimes. It is incredibly valuable and also shows what energies may be coming up in your life well in advance.




  • Numerology Assessment and Life Path Mechanics. We all have a natural design, the way you operate, your skills and your traits can all be clearly visible in your design. After exploring astrology, numerology, Human Design, the I-Ching and various modalities I have a simple modality that will help you know the framework that supports you and who else you work best with.




  • Sound Journey. One of the greatest ‘awakenings’ I have had has been with sound. Since then it has been fundamental in my guided sessions and as I expand my instrument selection I will take you on a journey within yourself, in pure vibration. A personalised audio meditation will be created for you with your highest vibrational message (your big vision).



  • Rewilding. We are nature. Spending time in nature, close to or far from home, is critical, even for a few hours at daytime, sunrise or sunset. Connecting back to nature will enliven you to the true nature of your power. A stone’s throw away from your home. Guidance on the process will be offered.



  • Sexual Kung-Fu. While I can not take this journey for you I can guide you on the process of developing your chi and learning how to cycle your life force. Having completed the arduous task for over a year of semen retention I have learned a thing or two about the power of the male orgasm and how it connects in with a woman. I can provide literature and exercises that will transform your life, relationships, health and business. 



  • Sacred Ceremonies. Having journeyed with various cultural elders across the world and knowing how to connect into the act of personal ritual I offer you the invitation to learn how to practice the art of your own sacred ceremony. 


Online Metaphysical Academy. From all of these classes the live call video recordings and collateral will be provided for you on a members site, with lifetime access so you can return to any class when you wish. On the mobile, on the go, or at home and at work.

Key benefits from this course

  • A framework for total self governance 
  • The toolkit for wellbeing for life in the 2020s
  • A fresh perspective on how you interact with the world
  • A community of other people on the path of self liberation

Give Yourself 2020 Vision

Join today and unlock yourself.

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“Being able to find and build that relationship to that authentic, unashamed truth of who I am, bones and all, is the greatest gift I have ever received.”

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“These systems are changing my perception of who I really am, even in the same surroundings. I never liked being in the sun, nature, the grasses and insects - I avoided it. Then suddenly during my practice, I felt so connected to the air, the sun, the earth and trees - to the infinite. I sat for hours without my phone and I felt so many emotions.”


“This diverse yet related education have cultivated a greater self awareness within me. They have enriched my life immensely and excelled me further on the path of self development.”

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Quantum physics and neuroscience proves the work involved in the COHE is verifiable. Yet the only way to 'know it' is to experience it.