Mothers Milk

Who am I?

When I was a child no one ever told me that we as human beings have a visible and an invisible self. That there is a visible and invisible experience, let alone how to interact with it. 

Humanity, in recent ages, has not been educated on the nature of the unseen and how it connects and drives the seen world. If people knew this unseen force is the primary driver, not the secondary directing the reality, then perhaps more focus would be given.

In Western civilization, this unseen fabric of our existence is considered with a superfluous, uncertain vagueness that serves as an afterthought. Often feared as it is more commonly associated with death.

 "Where do we go when we die?"

The transition of consciousness from physicality is part of an interconnected realm, that for humans remains predominantly unseen. Yet it is the doorway for the individual to know the grand design of the universe and their true nature beholden to that. Coming to terms with this 'spiritual'...

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