Spiritual Hygiene - Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Uncategorized May 01, 2020

Let's be honest, humanities deep emotional trauma is at an all-time high. It’s as if we are moving through a thick sludge, in a swamp of confusion and uncertainty.

With so much suffering, it can be hard to know what one person can do in the sea of such heaviness. 

Many years ago I fell into a very depressive pit of sadness, grief and rage when feeling into the horrors of the world. Both big and small, if there can be such a thing.

What got me out of it was pulling myself back into a state of balance and wholeness. I regained this clarity to see that my suffering was not supporting the suffering of others.

The best that I could do is learn how to manage my energy better and learn how to improve the energy in the world around me.

I had to upgrade my energy toolkit and improve my spiritual hygiene. 

This approach enabled me to develop a keen sense of the greater energy 'spill-over' that humans constantly emit. This 'spillover' is mostly unconsciousness and is known as 'unresolved feelings'. These are carried, as an extension in the auric field of every human.

As you can imagine every conceivable emotion carries a charge within the human body. Humans are like little battery magnets. Oscillating amplifiers of energy. Walking blobs of emotions wrapped in bones.

This energy, which is vibration can picked up by our senses. I detailed this in my powerful free online course www.thecohe.com/2020. As humans, we have the ability to enhance these senses. In doing so we have the ability to transmute the vibrational energy within an environment, people included!

Humanity at this time is running really high on emotional debt. For so long we have been borrowing time and using avoidance mechanisms without having to 'feel' and address our pain.

The collective pain body of the world is therefore pretty much bankrupt. 

The only way out of this is to heal. Moreover, in this process of healing, we have the abilities to facilitate this process with our own presence, consciousness and energy. When people think of 'healing' many feel confronted by the depth of the work.

We all have wounds, some are very very deep. Yet, the depth of anything is always equally balanced by the height - and the light.

As Rumi says, 'the wound is where the light enters you'. 

What is light?


Being love, it is possible to heal with joy, objectivity, strength and potency. Remaining in a place of neutrality while doing the task at hand, the work.

Just as the street cleaner uses a high-pressure hose to clean the blood, poo and waste off the sidewalk into the drain so can we move help transform energy.

This is about harmonising with the forces of life all around us and connecting into it for support. As a facilitator, you are a conduit of energy and therefore are able to cultivate a greater current to move what others, can't, won't or are unaware of.

Sure, sometimes people, beings, are not invested in shifting energy and so will actually resist in this 'light-work'. That is a story for another day.

By being present with the energies around us and responsible for your energy, and your ability as a custodian of the earth you have the right to help others heal. Something that can happen merely by walking down the street.

When the time does come to help clean up the heaviness of a place, space or being from the sidewalk, know you are connected and supported.

It doesn't just go down the drain, out of sight. It is supported by all facets of the light, balanced by the dark. From the water molecules that carry it, to the iron and earth in the pipes that surround it, to the ocean that dissolves it. Blasted by the sun from the sky and blown by the wind, consciousness from all directs follows intention and momentum.

So if you can, do. However, start something you can finish and be aware of how to protect yourself in the process.

Everything has a place and by knowing your ability to help in the reharmonisation of earth you are doing a great service.

It is the little bits every day that help heal. The kindness in the supermarket, the practice of ho'oponopono to a man who cuts you off. The compassion to those in need.

The man who cut you off may have spent his last dime and is fuelled with rage, alcohol and anger. An unemployed ticking time bomb heading straight home to his wife, young daughters and nieces for the months of boredom ahead.

The world we live in is so connected and your ability to help shift the energy that feeds on people may just save a life. If not add more debt to the healing already overdrawn. 

Life on earth is a school for the brave. We all meet our grades by being here, and doing the time. It's those that choose to help clean up during, and after the muddy shoes walk right through that are needed right now.

It's not martyrdom and it's not about being a warrior. We don't need more death. It's about relationship and responsibility. 

Your ability to respond, in any given moment is all you can do, ever.

Let that be your task. The moment-to-moment awareness of your experiences and environment and your ability to lighten the load.

You are not alone.

Alistair Hart.

Founder of Hartspace.org and thecohe.com


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