The Day I Became A Man

Yesterday started out with a rough nights sleep but turned out to be a day with a profound spiritual realisation. If I died yesterday I would have been a happy man.

These are the moments of rapture and awe that I live for. 

Until yesterday, I had not been sleeping well for about a week, nightmares and restlessness.

It is as if my subconscious dream state was boiling with fear, much like the collective consciousness of humanity right now.

In my dreams, I have been confronted with some of my deepest fears, death of family, personal sexual violence, containment, bondage and suffering. These childhood fears were coming to the surface to be healed. 

Some nights I was so deep in the experience I was crying in my sleep, a first. A cathartic experience, yet for me, it was just a dream. A harsh reality for so many else on the planet right now.

The self-enquiry that began over the following days centred on, what is it really I fear? 

The answer. Loss. Attachment.

The neediness to hold to something, regardless of what it is will inevitably cause suffering. No way around it.

We have all had experiences of this, it's the painful beautiful truth of life on earth. The coming and going. 

Yet, nothing ever really dies - it just changes form. Which lead me into my next experience. 


Yesterday as the sun started to make its way down to the horizon I went out on the island's reef, where no one really goes because the cross-currents are too often strong.

Yet, the seasonal winds have finally shifted and it's unusually calm.

This part of the reef is special, it is the place where the reef drops off into the ocean, with carved out finger channels taking the water out from the beach back into deeper water.

Big enough to swim through, surrounded by coral heads these channels open into a more abundant reef. It is my favourite place to go, as its as close as you can get to the reef without having to dive deep.

Yesterday, as the full moon started to rise, and the sun started to set and I found myself alone surrounded by all manner of sea life. 

 Illuminated by the golden light of the day I was hit by a bolt of realisation.

The truth, that countless medicine ceremonies have shown me, that everything is alive.

Everything is alive. Life in the sea is no different from land, everything is alive.

If you use your eyes and see, really see, and feel you will realise everything is alive.

Not just the animals, big, small, medium and teenie tiny but even the spaces between them.

The air and the water, is full of microbes, essences, bacteria, currents, breezes, pollen, sand, dirt, anything and everything is alive.

As humans, we are surrounded by life, it is like we are inside of a massive living creature that is breathing.

Everything you do is felt. Everything you do is felt.

Just as you would feel the inner walls and taste the air inside a whale, so too are we inside a living celestial being swimming and floating through the abyss of space.

This planet is alive and well and everything you do impact it. My wish is for you to experience this awe-inspiring connection that births a more meaningful existence.

A simple existence, that is sacred and full of meaning.

Everything has a place and a purpose. Even right now you are covered in this aliveness, you are breathing it in, sitting on it, walking through it and changing it by just being alive.

This ether, this space that surrounds you is electric and carries information, it is a living breathing space.

This is what 'spirit' means, or in Spanish respirar (meaning to breathe).

If humanity today realised and remembered this their entire lives would change.

Today, human beings have become so disconnected from nature, from their food, from the elements, the seasons and their own lifeforce.

People don't like to think that the food they are eating is alive, and moving. Of course, it is, that is where the energy comes from.

Even the meat you eat (if you eat meat) is alive, the flesh carrying vibration and memory. 

Nothing is dead. Ever. It just changes its form.

As I floated in the sea, I managed to find an old mooring rope at the bottom. So holding my breath I allowed myself to stay in one place as the entire ocean floated by in this current. 

Creators big and small came and went, some more curious than the others. 

As the sun started to set it felt like I was at the edge of the world while also being at the centre of it.

It was then that I saw the beautiful display of love and companionship between two beautiful, elegant fish in their home of a coral head.

 At the moment I thought about all of those people in my life I love, I care for. All of my past indiscretions, all of the things I said I was going to do but I didn't. 

I felt Alistair as a human being dissolve as I floated and starting to move like another being, beneath the sea, swimming and sliding through space and time. 

I realised WHAT I am, and then the WHO I am came second.

I was filled with so much appreciation for my life, for my family, friends, for my path and all of life. 

For the planet, for all living things, the seen and the unseen, the microscopic and infinitely small that play such an important part of our health and our world.

I have faith in humanity, and in this world, but I also know how far asleep we have become. 

Having awoken, again and again to the TRUTH of ALL and having been kissed by GOD to SEE this heaven on earth there is only one path ahead.

The expansion of human consciousness and the ascension to a higher human potential. Men, women and children alike.

 It was humbling to look at the stark facts and see the nature of this changing world. The reefs, the pollution, the rapidly reducing wilderness and marine life.

To have imagined what it was like 5,000 or even 500 years ago blows my mind.....

Heaven is on earth and it is my hope that humanity will realise this.

My vision for my life is to do everything I can to live this truth I am filled with respect and humility for the hard path ahead.

It is then I learned what it is to be a man, to see the sacred, to know the sacred and to hold it in reverence above all else.

A path that asks for us as men to live and work in alignment with this sacred lore. To uphold, learn and teach this timeless lore. 

To feed my family, to give to my community and to care for this world so it can continue to give to our children's children.

Our life is not ours, it is ours to give in service. That is the price of being given life.


In Greatness and Responsibility,

Alistair Hart



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