Metaphorical Metamorphosis

What would you do if you knew the tide was rising and would consume everything?

What does the tide represent? 

Would you wait until it reached your neck before you started to act?

What type of action would you take?

Would you blame the tide, or the forces that are involved with its experience?

No matter what you do the tide is coming in and it will consume everything, it always has. 

Long before you were here a tide has been coming in. 

What type of life would you cultivate in the face of this imminent reality?


Facing this challenge head-on requires everything from you. Everything.

Life will never be the same should you choose to rise above it. 

You will be cracked away from the old reality, and emerge into a new life. 

A life that sees beauty, hope, promise and paradise in the face of the void. That tends each action with an unshakeable strength to survive and endure, with a love that remains.

Not everyone will endure the change required. 

To make the change one must be reborn, baptised by the eternal cycles of life.

Death and rebirth.

End and beginnings.

One and the same. 


We all have a tide coming in, death is just by one of its faces.

Knowledge takes time to acquire, to be applied and learned and an adept knows this.

If you have already started to cultivate yourself in preparation for a strong life in the harsh realities on earth but have lost your softness, compassion and tenderness then you have already drowned. 

STRENGTH requires you to be the light and to know the darkness. 

Endurance in eternity is about coming to know your path, to own your rhythm and feel your way through it ALL.

In the process of the bittersweetness of life, be sure to keep your smile, open heart and hold your head high. 

The new life and lives that are to come require this nourishment. These are the seeds they will grow the world with.

If you are lucky enough to be here at the changing of the ages consider it an honour. 

Not all are strong enough to have incarnated at a time. Few civilisations have seen such a transformation.

The brave are here, the kind too, the wise and the willing. We have all we need. 

Your task is YOU.

It has always been you.


Projecting 'solutions' can only come when the imbalances with the self have been resolved.

So many people swim at the surface of their lives, few dive deep enough, past the ego to KNOW themselves.

Beyond the chattering thoughts and beyond the skin sack, few meet their spirit.


Your involution is the evolution required.

Are you willing?

You will return again and again, with different tides, until you finally get the point of it all, and that is ok.

'Some take the morning train, while others take the old white horse in the rain. In the end, we all make it home again.'


In Greatness and Responsibility,

Alistair Hart


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