Darkness Into Light - The Way Of The 21st Century Man

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2020

It takes isolation, stillness and observation to see what remains and in need of healing.

I didn't think when I moved to an island that I would be confronted with so much of my subconscious and shadow needing integration.

What does that mean?

It means that the unmet parts of myself that I have been projecting onto the world are coming to the surface and I'm having to deal with it.

It's a confronting blessing, and there is no escaping it. It wakes me from my dreams and stirs me in my meditations.

It's been uncomfortable and I catch myself when I want to avoid it by eating, having another coffee or seeking sugar. All of which takes me away from having to sit into it. 

As a facilitator, like any healer, the clarity of my energy is fundamental to the wellbeing of those I am supporting.

A shadow coach I had, used the analogy of washing someone's house with shitty water, an apt image. Unless our internal waters are clean we are only making a mess of things.

This requires moving the ego out of the way and allowing whatever experiences come up to arise, with objectivity and non-judgement.

While I remain neutral, compassionate and curious about the energies that make themselves known I do my best to remain balanced. Often in the face of things that confront me, deeply. 

The greatest one is the loss of innocence in this world.

We all carry energy, some of us are more aware of it than others. When I start to work with someone through yoga, we are building their energy and my focus is always to get them into a place after the asana that taps into their subconscious and subtle energy.

To do this, we practice some pranayama (breathwork), dhyana (meditation) with the aim of taking them to a state of samadhi (absorption), some for the first time. 

While we go through this I take them through a guided meditation where I tap into their inner essence and bring them to the elements within their body, the fire, the earth, water and the wind.

With this, I also start to use sound to activate and shift energy. I have learned many of these skills from various teachers and traditions while I also follow inner guidance, of my higher self. Allowing my thinking mind to take a back seat and Spirit to take over.

During this energy work sometimes things come up, heavy energy that the person is carrying, often aware of it only at a deeper subconscious level.

As I start to guide them into rebalancing their energy and reclaiming their sovereignty sometimes the energies don't wish to go. Smells can come, shadows and energies can fly around, things can be heard and voices. 

Having had to deal with this first hand within my own psyche and energetic template I know a path. I call upon the angels, the ascended masters, my guides, the sun, the waters, the wind and the earth and the elemental beings to help. 

I see myself as a conduit of all of heaven, here in this I AM PRESENT ETERNAL NOW seeking to rebalance this being and bring harmony back into the cosmos by virtue of the free will of this being.

I know I have lifetimes of experience with this and while I am learning and remembering it again I know who I am in my core.

As the energies of others rise and penetrate through space, I can feel so much. Every time I feel someone's energy I feel it for myself and for humanity.

We are all connected, and the health of your inner world contributes to the outer world.

During this work, I am often faced with some of my greatest fears, like being tainted or succumbing to the energies that exist in this plane, or have come to pass that seek to find a home.

As well as acknowledging this power to bring light as well as darkness.

The darkness, my darkness, use to terrify me until I stopped judging it and realised I can free myself of its control. 

I am the High Spirit that observes these energies, acknowledges their existence, but does not attach to them and seeks diligently, with discipline, love and courage to walk the straight and narrow path. Balancing order and chaos.

I have come to see how people can fall into the darkness, it is seductive and has gravity.

I will always seek to balance my experience and ensure the harmony and order of the heavens is maintained.

This is my path. For that reason, I am blessed to have an affinity for the light, for the highest potential of humanity, and for the undying love.

I have a love for humanity even when men and women fall into the darkness.

I have hope, and I am here to avenge those that have been lost to the light, as I avenge myself.

The children of the world seek a ladder of light and that ladder has to meet every single one no matter their depth. 

This is the difference between compassion and judgement. To hold each being to their highest potential is to forgive their wickedness and weakness.

To see the debasement of mankind spiritual royalty and hold the vision for their ascension. 

By design, I am open, accessible and child-like and for so long I thought this was a vulnerability. Because in this earth plane so many beings seek to feast on this kind of light. In the past, I have been penetrated by these energies.

Naive and innocent I opened the darkness and the darkness opened me.

Yet the light always remained. It grew with every breath because I remembered what I am and where I came from. The ONE. Whole. Unified. Loving.

Many months and years later of recalibration, healing and sovereign empowerment I have regained my strength ten thousand fold and transmuted any poison into medicine that can now see in the dark.

This has increased my capacity for light as it has come to know the darkness. 

As a Warrior, as a Magician, as a Priest, and as a Man of Love, I have no fear because I am protected, highly mutatable and adaptable at surviving and thriving with the light even in the darkness.

This is the time we now find ourselves in, the darkest before the dawn.

My mission is to increase the Light here on earth and to do that I know the light and the darkness within myself and within each person, I have come here to serve.

Remember, "the race was not given to the quick, or the swift, but to the one who could endure till the end, until we found out there was no end" - James Bomar.

Life is eternal and as the eons of time rise and fall, the One will see their return.


This returning is within you.

May you come to find your path through your darkness by remembering your light.

By remembering you are light. A light that can not be extinguished, only illuminated.


In Greatness and Responsibility,

Alistair Hart


p.s this video articulates the nature of duality and the middle path of peace.



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