Last Full Moon Of A Decade - Lighting Up The Darkness

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2019

Well well well, congratulations on making it through the countless moon cycles over this decade.

There's been too many to recall but if you're like me, you remember a special few full moons over the years.

My friend Dre asked me what I had to share about this moon as it peaks on 12/12/19 and I'd like to say the following.

Every full moon involves reaping the energy that was sowed at the beginning of the new moon phase. As well as coming to see the events and experiences that occurred throughout the month with more objectivity.

This moon is sure to bring an unexpected perspective as we are being called to look at our lives and what is happening collectively through a different lens. While some astrologists say this moon is great for the reorganisation of your physical and emotional landscape ahead of 2020 it is also important to take this light and look within.

The moon reflects the sun and in doing so shines a light into the night. Ask yourself as you start to shine this light and truth into your heart what on earth remains that continues to blocks your path.

I will share what I feel in my bones on what I foresee is coming foretold by the stars and various history books.

Earth as we know it is going through a rebirth. Right now over these coming years, the reality is being turned inside out.

So I ask you this:

Do you believe in destiny?

There are very few moments in life when the energy available is designed for total transformation. 2020-2021 is a portal of opportunity that will anchor in the kind of life we will live in 2024 and beyond for the foreseeable future.

This is partly due to the huge amounts of Capricornian energy Earth is being influenced by.

The alignment of Saturn, the father of time, law and order in its home sign of Capricorn is also joined with Pluto. Pluto is the evolutionary, generational planet that upends what once was. 

These two combined together mean 'world transformation'.

Pluto is a planet that drills into the subconscious of a generation, upheaving old structures and resets the foundation for something new.

Capricorn as a planet governs all of the systems and structures of our reality. From law, order, religion, technology, science and the status quo. All of this spells out that Earth currently has an 'under construction' sign placed over it and humanity.

Jupiter is also making its way through Capricorn and this week is the FINAL CALL for its expansive energy.

From December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020, Jupiter has been moving through Capricorn for the first time in 12 years.  Jupiter is about expansion, faith, possibilities and excitement. It is the fertiliser to your dreams and the unlimited potential of your experience.

Jupiter has already made its presence felt but if you feel into yourself you can still hear that inner excitement of what the future will bring.

This is a brief window of opportunity for those who are brave enough to reclaim ALL that is theirs. 

This moon is great to look at our path and offers one major realignment opportunity. The feelers we have put out have already come back and the boarding pass is printed but there is still time, just. The gate is calling for the departure and this moon will help shine a light onto your path.

The eclipse season is set to begin on Dec 26 and opens up some massive purging and reset energies. 

The world over the next few months is going to get extreme, strange, dark, beautiful and confronting. To the likes, we have never seen, be prepared to hold onto your hat and strap yourselves in.

Have no fear if you are centred within yourself that all of this has been prepared for some time. It's all apart of the process.

For all of those who are interested, I am taking a select few people who feel called to this inner transformation work on a 6 WEEK online course. Starting Jan 12. Numbers are limited and it is already half booked out. 

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