A Conversation With God

God Lives Within

Humanity is in a state of amnesia. Many are disconnected to their spirit, the spirit of the earth and the relationship with all beings. 

As a species, humans have forgotten the language of life, while many may hear it they are not sure what it means. Deep down they can feel this and this is why they suffer and sicknesses of the mind now plaque our people.

In Silence There Is Truth

This relationship to all life comes from within. Coming to know the nature of a 'God' also comes from within. The secrets and greatest treasures are held within each person. 

God planted itself inside of humans because it is the one place they can always find it. An irremovable home that quietly dwells, following you everywhere you go, yet few come to sit in the temple within.

The greatest deception to befall mankind is that God lives outside of us, in another place, we get to know in another time or have to earn. A deception fed by greed, domination, and control. 

God is everything and the center of its omniscience is inside of you. God manifested itself inside of every human being that has ever lived. 

That is not to say 'You are God' rather God is you. A force that dwells deep within you.

The Center

Building a passageway to the inner core of your being, the self, is the umbilical cord to this Infinite Creator. In this place lives all nourishment and limitless potential. 

Even if you feel barren, broken, burned and left alone know there is no escaping that you are made of an Infinite All-Knowing force. Every aspect of your spirit has been carefully crafted and birthed into life. 

A child of the universe to the Great Mother, Father and Holy Child you are God incarnate. 

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” ― Rumi

To exist means to be loved. There is no way around it. 

To exist is natural and nature at its core is love. Indifferent it may be to the birth, death, and decay of all things, in the end, it is love that remains. The rise and fall of life do not take away this truth, it is the nature of its intelligent design.

A design where everything is perfect, where you are perfect.

Existence Means Perfection

From this place of perfection, of being you as you are, you live your mission.

Living in the fullness of your authentic truth is the only way to serve others.


The life force of the universe is sustaining you because you serve a purpose here. 


Life will pull on you until you come into this inner alignment. An uncomfortable process that seeks to unravel the layers built upon your truth.Truth that is vibrational.  

The vibrations that you carry are needed, now more than ever. As much as it is about you, it's also about everyone else. The uniqueness of your being is the missing part of the puzzle the world needs.

By coming to love yourself you can love and be loved by all life. That is your quest, a quest within to come to know yourself. In knowing yourself you will come to know God.

Those Pearly Gates

God, the great mysteries and the desire to know, the shape, form and nature of the Creator is seeded within your very being.

 It knows everything about you, by its nature is you. 

Realizing your divinity and God-Self that is seeded and pollinated by the One you are bestowed with more power than you can imagine. Kissed with life, forever to be marked by God.

Don't be fooled by your wonderful yet fragile flesh suit, the times you are in or the cards you have been dealt. 

You are the most intelligent design there is and waking up to the fact that you are encoded with God's fingerprint means coming home, to the temple within.

God's fingerprints are all over you, they are fused into yours. 

It's time - quit playing small and feeling overwhelmed with confusion, aimlessly seeking and lost at sea. Stop looking to this horoscope reading, that past life, this relationship or that one, this guru or that crystal. 

Turn inwards and light your own flame so that God knows you are home and ready to start cooking.

Honey, I'm home!

Waking from this slumber is the mission now, for the individual and the collective. Once you really get into gear for yourself, the rest will follow.

Taking your power back, and dusting yourself off from all of your life's experiences to date is critical. In our programs and youtube videos, we run through some psychic tools and techniques that help with this. 

Before we start closing of bridges to the past, releasing cords and attachments it's important to sift through your past and find the golden nuggets that will help in paving the path forward. 

Our past actions and life experiences act as signposts of our inner nature. 

Consciously and unconsciously we have mapped our hearts expression, directly and indirectly throughout our lives. They are bread crumbs to our uniqueness. In doing this, be objective, try not to get hung up on the past but see them as resources for the present.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” ― Bill Keane

Coming to know the present moment, in silence, to feel it in your bones, in its vastness is the first knock on the door of yourself. A self that only exists in the moment, and in that is connected to everything.



Alistair Hart



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