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Do you know your deepest fear?

We all have them, I use to not think about mine too much or ignore them. 

To be honest, they use to run rampant in my mind as a child, even up into my teenage years, I would fear that my fears would grip me in the heart of day walking down the street.

Until I realised that our greatest fear is the gateway to liberation.

It is a fear because it has been placed in your consciousness for a reason, to be overcome. It is an unresolved karmic experience swimming in your conscious field, stored in your body.

Like a stone in your shoe, if you walk around with it for long enough it can get more and more painful.

So then, you're fear must be opened up and removed if you are to be free.


Beyond the physical fears of what could happen to our body or that of those we love, fear is the opposite of love, trust and unity. It is the illusion of separation.

What is created can never be destroyed and so no matter what happens to us we are always free if we choose to be.

As eternal beings, we pass through all things as a witness and even if experience may appear to be the last thing on earth we would ever want to happen it does not take away from your eternal infinite God-like nature, connected to everything.

Where am I going with this?

I am asking who of you are ready to confront your deepest fears and become all you can be without that FEAR energy existing in your vibration?

Life in 2020 and beyond will continue to magnetise towards you everything that remains unresolved in your consciousness. The height of your vibration is balanced by the depth of your awareness.

It is my mission to help empty these fears as apart of the ascension process as we come to embody and activate heaven on earth with our divine human potential.

Who of you are willing to ACTIVATE and illuminate the darkness within you and to liberate yourself from suffering?

It doesn't have to hard and painful and all ghouls and goblins, it can be quick and easy. Don't buy into the story that you are binding yourself to.

Joy is waiting on the other side.

In Greatness and Responsibility,



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