God - Hidden In Plain Sight

The Temple Within

Being in physical form as a conscious sentient being is the 'kingdom of heaven' the scriptures speak of. 

The 'temple' resides within the temple between your ears and as a human being, you are the centerpiece of all creation. Everything exists within you. (Woohoooo!)

When Jesus said "I am the light of the world" he meant "I am - the light of the world". Each being is the 'I am' - the epicenter of all life. 

Jesus being a self-realized ascended master showed humanity that by internalizing the forces of all life we can find our way home. Unifying seemingly 'separate' (us vs. them) experiences he drew awareness to the universal truth of wholeness and union. This universal consciousness lives within each person, deep down we all know this.

As much as so many have invested in the separation of humanity, we all know we are one. Just as all life is one. Everything is consciousness - frequency and vibration. Everything has intelligence that exists beyond the physical and forms a part of the One Intelligence. From a stone to a cow, to a vine or drop of water.

You Are What You Eat

Everything is alive. Therefore every act we do exchanges with this intelligence in a way that creates an energetic balance. As a human being, with free will, we are here to choose how we wish to internalize these exchanges. Exchanges that are forever associated with our unique energy signature. One that is in a constant dance with Infinite Intelligence. Everything we do imprints into this Intelligence and like a database everything is stored.   

All energy is consciousness and is involved in the process of transformation. The way you choose to transform the energy is a part of your unique signature. It's less about where you get it from and more about what you do with it. Because in the end it is all moving in the direction of transformation.

A transformation that sees everything is sacred. 

For example, someone who eats meat from a hamburger shop a few times a week while watching television or UFC, is not the same as someone who may go without food while in nature, connecting to the spirits of the land who then breaks his fast by eating beef or elk. The invisible and visible transformation of consciousness is used in an entirely different manner. Both have varying levels of consciousness associated with them. 

Furthermore, while both can sense on some level, the mineral and protein exchange of these consciousnesses stored in the energetic matter of the dead animal, one may feel it more profoundly. 

Not only in the invisible perspective of the mind and emotional world of the later individual who held reverence and intention to the animal, but also in the body. The internal health of a being is also associated with the health of their consciousness, although not always the case. 

The vibrational charge of the matter being ingested, in this case, the animal flesh, is also influenced. The stress hormones, cortisol, trauma, and suffering (or lack of) experienced by the animal will be infused into the meat. This is true for any living thing.

Plants also sense and respond to their environment and how humans treat them as well. Furthering this, a human being is also composed of the matter the things he or she eats eats. Passing on through a chain of elemental and vibrational energies we can see that we really are tethered to our exchanges with life.

Removing notions of 'good' or 'bad', 'right' or 'wrong' one can start to see how all life is energy. The choices we make with where we get our energy and the cascading connections and vibratory experiences (karma) associated with that energy become the real focus.

In living, as human, something will become transformed. Walking and even breathing results in a transformation of life for little microorganisms and insects that may come across our path. On a larger scale, crops are protected and so animals are killed in the process. Yet, all acts are no equal, lessening the suffering of other lifeforms is a great act and one that is reflected in your life and vibratory field, seen and unseen.

Be In the Body Baby!

There are very high vibrational beings, totally self-aware that choose not to enhance the internal vibrations of their organs and cells. Although for the average human, the holistic expression of consciousness would require one to use the body as a tool for expansion. It is not an afterthought.

Following the as above so below principle, our body is a vehicle of consciousness and assists in the expansion of our awareness.

Science is starting to document the impact of cells in the consciousness of a person. The human body is connected to the process of self-actualization. The body stores trauma and has consciousness of its own. Different parts of the body have different frequencies and vibrations of consciousness. 

The human body then becomes our tool in unlocking the trauma stored within our cells and DNA, ancestral included. The process of embodiment then becomes an act of living enlightenment as it requires one to bring awareness to their human experience. 

A human experience that is comprised of the energies we consume. As humans, we are what we eat. A human being is a living everchanging ecosystem comprised of the energy they ingest through all of our senses.   

Make sure you check out our detox information and resources. Some of the greatest quantum leaps I have in my consciousness have come from detoxification. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to living a potent life, and the real secrets to human enhancement!


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