Paving Your Own Way

Everything outside of you is a pathway to the divine within. Seeking balance within can come from taking a seemingly minuscule experience and folding it into yourself to build a pathway back to the Source.

In every moment a human being has the tools to enhance their human experience, visible and invisible.

For example, the act of breathing, while a seemingly basic principle is how our vessel is charged with life force energy, known as 'chi' or 'prana'. Developing an awareness of the breath and harnessing its vitality by breathing into the different chambers of the body, abstaining from breath, alternating the nostrils or burst breathing through the mouth are tools that can enhance the human experience dramatically.

On a metaphysical level, the fact that we are also breathing the same air as all of our ancestors, having been become transformed through the cycles of nature is profound. The same can be said for the water that is in our bodies. Water that came from our mother's womb, which came from her mothers before her and so on since the dawn of time.

Coming into this realization one can start to see how interconnected we are to forces that once seemed intangible and invisible. Directly relating to these forces that make us who and what we are, link our very being, cells and all to the infinite. Cells that form the foundations of our actions and are altered by the biology of our belief systems, intentions, and neuropathways.

As You Think You Become

As a human being, we are the conduit of the visible and the invisible all folded into one.

Moving through the reality becomes a sacred act when we see that everything is connected in one way or another. The self-awareness of the individual then becomes the key to opening up these juncture points of meaning and mysticism. 

By developing a relationship to the omniscient magnetism of life's grand design one is able to interact with dimensions of the reality that were previously awaiting connection.

An individual can choose any framework on how they relate to the forces of life and how to transform their lives, to heal and to influence reality through creative expression. It is as if this omniscient magnetism is open source code where the individual is able to develop their experience upon.

Within that relating imagination and placebo (nocebo) can become a powerful tool yet make no mistake there are laws that govern the magnetic forces of all life. Upon a person beginning to consciously develop a relationship into the code base of the universe, they must be aware of the visible and invisible risks and reactions. 

Awakening to the metaphysical and magical properties of the reality is first met with a sense of jovial folly, wonderment, and playfulness. Yet the act of co-creating a reality is a deeply sacred experience that requires total commitment and clarity of focus. With visible and invisible implications that impact all life.

Real mastery and adepthood in working with the universal cosmic field is the reason why such great mysteries were taught to those deemed ready for such knowledge. To those willing to work in harmony with nature and not bend it to their own will, like the Djinn (Jinn) or genies. 

Many consider such work to be the stuff of mythology yet in every culture on earth the invisible and the visible is at work. With those who learn the arts and language of the invisible self to be healers, transformations, and magicians.

The most palatable version of this in contemporary history is that of the pagan culture. People connected to the natural world, and it's intuitive unseen language. A language that would direct the planting of crops based on the phases of the moon, and the predictions of things to come through dreams.

The worldview of these cultures was built upon relating to the spirits of the land, sky, and sea, and it's elemental realm. Each with a unique consciousness, what many have now termed as 'deities' that played an important role in the life of the region.

The relationships to now considered unusual aspects were once integral to the self-awareness of the individuals living at that time. A relationship still found today in the Northern European and Celtic traditions, among others. Iceland has a cultural identity steeped in this ancient mysticism, with half of the population considering elves to be a part of their reality. 

What's the Matter?

A human being is a subatomic crystalline structure of light, that produces a source of lifeforce energy. Energy that is accessible and generated through nature and our interaction as humans with it. This life force 'chi' is a measurable electromagnetic field of energy.

This energy phenomenon has been attempted to be captured with equipment such as the Kirlian camera lens in the process of mapping one's auric field as well as the development of photonic technology, commonly used by the military. While many western scientists are reluctant to account for the role seemingly 'invisible' energy plays in interacting with the physical reality many ancient cultures know of it's healing properties.

Chinese doctors have been documented in the process of removing energetic blockages from within the body of patients, through the use and channeling of this 'chi'. A metaphysical process that requires the moving of energy from one state to another. Looking through this lens one can see that 'dis-ease' within the body is an accumulation of energy blocks, often remaining stagnant for some time and becoming toxic.

More than Imagination and Visualisation

The act of breathing is a perfect example. In the process of deep circulating breathing I may choose to visualize light going to a specific part of my body that may be in pain. A process that when done again and again map the pathway through the body and change the biochemistry of the neuropathways.

This 'invisible' field is the metaphysical realm of frequency and vibration that come to form the subatomic nature of life. Moving from subtle to gross. From pure vibrations into the dense matter, that we can touch, taste, smell, hear and see. Matter that is vibrating slow enough so that it appears solid.

Science has proven all matter is made of atoms, and all atoms are 99.9% empty space, vibrating in a constant state of flux that produces light. So then, the reality is made of vibrating light appearing and dissolving and reappearing.

All of which is moving through life's cycle of birth, decay, and rebirth in constant transformation. Oscillating back and forth from the visible and invisible. Within this architecture of matter, there is consciousness on various levels.

A consciousness that has discernable languages and communication structures, seen in the ways that trees can talk to each other through the root systems. Also seen more clearly in the animal kingdom and the human experience with the powers of sounds, will, intention, and self-awareness.

How then does this unseen create the seen?

When we come to realize it it is "not the matter that creates the field it's the field that creates the matter" as Dr. Joe Dispenza says we open ourselves to the invisible. That is to the entire fabric of reality that is just out of our baseline visible perception. A vibratory field that can be reached through enhancing and refining the human senses and faculties.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Most humans only perceive this unseen field of frequency and vibration when it congeals into the physical reality we sense. Yet not all unseen frequency and vibrations come to become material form on this earth, yet it's in our nature to sense them.

So then, we know the unseen is there, and within that space, there are forces everpresent, perhaps eternally, operating in alignment with some cosmic order. A cosmic order that we as humans are a very important part of, that exists on a dense material earthly plane.

Over time human beings have become domesticated throughout the ages to only acknowledge and perceive aspects of the visible and invisible. Aspects that constitute the nature of all life and create the commonly held reality and meta-narrative we accept as humans and are generationally indoctrinated into.

For example, many people should they wish to know more of this unseen world would have had to go to a religious organization or clairvoyant/psychic or shamanic individual. Whereas the vast majority of the population that has little to no real knowledge of this unseen realm find it comfortable to agree on its nature and educate their offspring on this unknowingness.

What we have then is the blind leading the blind and consolidation of power to those preordained gatekeepers of such great mysteries. While the other fringe dwellers naturally attune to this unseen realm are often feared, ridiculed, ostracised and in the passage of history, burned and suppressed.

So then, we look around the world through ancient cultures and try to decipher the knowledge. Searching for fragments of a world that was once more interconnected with our own. East to West, North to South and everywhere in between, the invisible has been known since the dawn of time. An ancient past and present future, one that is now rising again.

The great mystery schools are still alive and well, with many cases of gifted children and adults living with supernatural and superpsychic abilities. American mystic Drunvalo Melchizedek documented the experiences unfolding around the world in relation to his own journey of human enhancement in his book 'Living in the Heart'.

The phenomena of this visible and invisible exchange have led to the involvement of governments, private enterprise and institutions from China, Russia, Netherlands and Bulgaria to name a few. Initiatives that were well known and heavily invested and experimented upon during the cold war.

This truth can not be contained and is why we find such radical enlightening knowledge openly disclosed on Netflix, Gaia.TV, Mindvalley, The Oprah Winfrey Show and mainstream media outlets. Yet nothing is as it appears. For such previously repressed knowledge to find its way on the Hollywood couch it's clear human beings are awakening to their potential. A process of gradual self-realization and self-actualization.

Beyond the Veil

The knowledge of these universal cosmic forces has been known and held by many societies throughout the ages. At times when repression of this truth was rampant and few stood to hold this light and carry it forward, a great and honorable act. Yet the truth has become weaponized and layered in deep deception.

Even tho the truth can be found in essence and direct experience in the many great teachings of so many lineages the path to knowing can require one to submit to that teaching and the worshipping of its figureheads in exchange for the knowledge. So many have become bonded to something that overtime became something else. With the power of the individual being subjugated to another being, class or group. Bondage, in one form or another.

We are now living in a time when the purity of truth is embroiled in so much confusion. What once could have been so simple has now been polluted with complexity yet the truth remains and is wanting to be known.

Human Rights

As a human being, you are ordained with the right to know about your true nature and how to use it. The work we focus on at the COHE is to provide resources and support for the individual to transcend their limitations and embody their potential.

As humanity moves into a maturing of its consciousness there are many out there who are supporting in this in this elevation of potential. The COHE is one of many community organizations involved at a grassroots level of human enhancement. At its core, we are an independent nondogmatic entity that acknowledges the spoken and unspoken protocols of harmonic metaphysics.

Reach out to our team today to see what resources are available to you.



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