Mothers Milk

Who am I?

When I was a child no one ever told me that we as human beings have a visible and an invisible self. That there is a visible and invisible experience, let alone how to interact with it. 

Humanity, in recent ages, has not been educated on the nature of the unseen and how it connects and drives the seen world. If people knew this unseen force is the primary driver, not the secondary directing the reality, then perhaps more focus would be given.

In Western civilization, this unseen fabric of our existence is considered with a superfluous, uncertain vagueness that serves as an afterthought. Often feared as it is more commonly associated with death.

 "Where do we go when we die?"

The transition of consciousness from physicality is part of an interconnected realm, that for humans remains predominantly unseen. Yet it is the doorway for the individual to know the grand design of the universe and their true nature beholden to that. Coming to terms with this 'spiritual' dimension means coming to terms with being human.


 A human being, in the eyes of science and esoteric philosophy, is the distillation of the entire cosmos, assembled into a walking talking interactive self-aware ecosystem. One that is living in a dynamic hyper subjective process of constant refinement and growth.

Where all of the visible and invisible forces are folded into one life-giving entity bestowed with the power of free will. A sovereign independent force that is interconnected to everything.

 To be human means to interact with the cosmic forces of the universe in every moment, consciously and unconsciously. Whether one chooses to acknowledge this fact or not, everything a person does influence their life and the world through them.

It is as if a person is writing the script for a play that will unfold in front of them, set on the stage of their thoughts, feelings, perceptions and world view. Another analogy is that the internal software one operates will build the world around them and will continue along the same lines until the program is adjusted. 

The external projection one experiences aka 'life' is a reflection of the internal composition of a person's inner world, both visible and invisible. From the health of their organs to the self-talk of the emotional architecture. All life and the situations that unfold are tethered to the conscious development of a being. They become reference points and fuel for the evolution (involution) of the spirit that dwells within.

The gnostics referred to this in the 'as above, so below' principle. As within, so without. The macrocosm and the microcosm is a mirror for all life.


This interconnected cosmic force, visible and invisible alike, bleeds through every aspect of human life. The way a person chooses to make sense of these seemingly unrelated, disconnected stimuli of events that unfold as one plods along in life is fundamental.

The meaning placed behind anything become the filters in which one creates the lens to look through reality. The ability of a human to create and recreate their field of perception is a remarkable gift.

Each person lives within a highly subjective bubble of experience, that is within a larger bubble of a community, nation-state and planetary family. However, few realize that life itself is constantly changing and rearranging based on the relationship that you have with it. That is to say the value, purpose and meaning you create or bestow onto anything.

The experiences of a particular situation create an entirely different ecosystem of relationships in the world of different people.


Eye Am

Imagine for a moment, a man is walking down the street, he sees an elderly woman, in her later years of life. The woman walking by, gracefully yet fragile sees the man, she reminds him of her grandson.

Both people share eye contact, the man in his inner world acknowledges the life of that woman, sensing her time in that body may be nearing an end. As she passes by he looks to the sky, wishes her eternal being (invisible self) well and safe travels. Sending love and appreciation of all the enriching things she may have brought to this life.

At that moment birds fly directly overhead, whistling to each other and instantly he feels a tingling rush down his spine, perhaps the pitch changes in his hearing. The way his senses change has when he feels like he is connecting to the unseen aspects of reality. Sensations that are involuntary yet confirm to him that relationship has been established to an unseen force that exists within everything. A connection to the divine.

Another person walking by merely saw a man smile to a woman and only heard the birds vaguely as he was listening to the music in his headphones. Music that may have been singing the words related to the transition of one life to the next, perhaps Simon and Garfunkle's 'Sounds of Silence'. Or perhaps it was a song that the woman's grandson played to her the last time they saw each other.

Sense of Self

One doesn't have to know the properties of all of the stimuli in any given moment and the interconnected nature of their relationships.

The sheer volume of connections in any given moment can overwhelm an individual should they choose to try and decipher them.

Yet, through opening one's self to the fact that everything is unfolding in perfect order one can start to refine their experience to the events that unfold. Collecting fragments of daily experiences in such a way that creates meaning and provides direction reflecting the internal direction of a person. 

Everything that happens in life is either, perfect or imperfect. Ordered or unordered. It can not be both. The same can be said that the universe is conspiring to help you or it is not. It is always true all of the time, or it is not true all of the time.

If you choose the framework that all life is perfectly ordered to assist in the evolution of your consciousness in every moment then a world of opportunities will start to unfold.

Grow Towards The Light

Even if it is the darkness of moments seeing oneself as a passing vessel interpreting the experience in a way that leverages any morsel of possible reprieve will give oneself more fuel for the next encounter. 

From this place of an enhanced internalized filter, that consumes, refines and expels life's experiences one can evolve along a more meaningful path. Creating a world view of your own, that fits into the conventions of your life's experiences and empowers you is a big part of the human experience.

Uploading someone else's operating system into one's inner world is an artificial process. Albeit one that most human's inherent from their parents, communities, religious organizations and nations. Yet, each individual is a unique being with an entirely distinct ecosystem.

While some aspects of that program or story may hold true it is up to the individual to recreate their reality in accordance with an inner knowing. The work we focus on at the COHE is to help people reconnect to this inner knowing so they can activate aspects of themselves that may be dormant. While enhancing the faculties already accessible.

 The Light

Life unfolds in a synchronized process that is designed to guide one's respective conscious growth. Every moment life provides the resources for one to evolve, in mind, body, and spirit. The experiences of life are aspects of light that shine into you codes to awaken you even further. It is light meeting light. Life meeting life. 

Either way, life will cascade upon you, and every moment will pour information and knowledge onto you, into you. It is your responsibility to transmute that which enters your kingdom into wisdom. Wisdom that becomes fuel in your expansion, in the visible and invisible alike.


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